CoolSculpting Netsertive Testimonial | Dr. James Silberzweig

"From Netsertive I get results. My name is Dr. James Silberzweig, and my practice is Cosmetic and Vascular Suite in Midtown Manhattan. When a patient signs up online for a CoolSculpting consultation and they come to my office they say yes, I saw you on Google and made an appointment. Those are the best leads. Those are the ones who are motivated, they've already done their research. They've done the work for us rather than us having to chase after them. Netsertive has done a great job. They've worked with CoolSculpting and Zeltiq and they make the process easy. They want to make sure that my advertising is both effective and meets with their corporate brand compliance. Netsertive is experienced and they've been great. When new clients call us directly through our digital display ads, we get an email indicating that we've gotten a call, how long it was, and even a recording of the conversation so we can monitor our results and improve our in-house acquisition of clients. From Netsertive I get results."

Profitable new CoolSculpting patients are online. To find them, you need to do online marketing right. With a data-driven approach, Netsertive removes the guesswork from digital marketing. We leverage deep healthcare knowledge to target patients who are ready to visit a service provider now.

We know cosmetic and CoolSculpting. Do digital right and drive profit through targeted patient acquisition.

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